The great Redwoods

When you get to spend time amongst the biggest trees in the world, you gain a new perspective. The Coastal Redwoods, Sequoia sempervirens, have been quietly minding their own business for 1600+ years. That's staggering to contemplate.

The Renaissance hadn't even happened yet. And the massive forests were just sprouting. It's quiet there. You can hear the stories if you listen. There is water in abundance there. Dripping, gurgling, trickling, roaring.

To see our trees struggle in this 7th year of drought is hard. The yellowing needles are a sign of distress, as the soil too is weak and drained of its nutrients from the disruption of the cycle of rain. We can add powdered Gypsum to the soil around our southern Redwood relatives to help balance the ph. Add a deep, overnight soak every few weeks if our El Niño continues to be less than hoped for. And pray for rain!